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The Haitian Stock Exchange strongly believes that personal and aggregate wealth, micro and macro-economic development and growth can best be fostered and created in an atmosphere of generalized liquidity, enlightened entrepreneurship and adequate access to capital, all subject to an uncompromising application of regulatory requirements.
For many years individuals and institutions alike have considered the cure to the problems of economic underdevelopment in terms of massive grants, foreign aids, subventions, and other forms of exogenous capital assistances to the underdeveloped countries

Founders and Promoters of Haiti Stock Exchange are those who have conceived the idea of the creation of the Company…

The stock exchange will have a favorable impact on the banking system in Haiti. As stocks and fixed income offerings are made, inflows of capital from the Diaspora, would constitute additional deposits into the banking system. As such, in the aggregate, the banking system would have a much larger deposit base.

As the stock exchange evolves, it would have a positive impact on the Gourde. Inflows of capital into the economy, particularly in the manufacturing sector, should increase export. Increased exports should be favorable to the balance of payment, and thus stabilize the value of the gourde.
In August 1996 European American Equity Trading was organized for the purpose of setting up a securities market in Haiti. In March 1999 the name of the company was changed to European American Capital Corporation. That same year the name was finally changed to Global Trading Group, Inc (GLTG) a New York Corporation. more...
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